Through The Wilderness

The moment we decide to make a change or adhere to a commitment in our lives, almost immediately we are drawn in to a wilderness. The kind of wilderness that doesn’t know anything about the change to which we’ve committee ourselves. It’s the kind of wilderness that doesn’t take into account the reasons for our change nor does it care about our purpose or our goal. It’s a wilderness that isn’t interested in being cultivated, inhabited or hospitable. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our attempts to cultivate our inner Spirit towards God were unaffected by this wilderness? Yet, the wilderness exists as simply a part of this world of which we must journey and the strength of who we are which comes from that inner Spirit leads us through it. Without our commitment, purpose and goals guided by the Holy Spirit of God, we will surely get lost in that wilderness! Prayerfully, of the times we do get lost in the distractions, we remember our commitment to that inner Spirit. Precious God, as we make every attempt to draw ever closer to your will, thank you for your traveling mercies through the wilderness of this world.

And the Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness. Mark 1:9-15