Partial Fulfillment

Working by committee at times can be difficult, particularly when the goal is consensus. It’s hard to get everybody on the same page. Sometimes compromises have to be made, but above all there must be trust in that although everyone may not get what they want, everyone feels comfortable enough to trust that the faithful work put forth was heartfelt in bringing the group to a final consensus. Bringing people together around a central focus has always been a challenging task even for those who are trained to do the work. Ideals aren’t easily moved or changed especially when there is an expectation that something of value to us is going to be lost. In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that for some today may seem like a small thing but at the time was fought for by the faithful work of many groups of people, the fruit of which we are experiencing today. While we do see multicultural/racial playgrounds and multi-cultural/racial boardrooms among other things, they are only partial fulfillments of the ideals which God has placed before us; the spiritual renewing of our minds towards Christ. Gracious God as we continue to bring others into the fold of your kingdom to sit at your table, always keep us ever mindful of our final consensus as a people of God according to your Word, and your Will.

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