Spotless Hands

Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy 1883-1929 an English priest serving as a chaplain during the first World War wrote: The essence of Christianity is Christ, and the essence of Christ is that He can touch pitch without being defiled -” that ‘s what He came to do, and did. In the days of His flesh He handled pitch (sticky resinous substance) every day -” dealt with it, moulded it, and turned it into gold, and then held out His spotless hands and called to a world defiled with sin, ‘ Come unto Me, and I will wash  you white.’  In our dealings with the world we don’t always come out so squeaky clean. But isn’t wonderful to know that we serve a God who is willing to get his hands dirty in order that we may be made clean? Thank you precious Lord for reaching out with spotless hands, especially during the times we become stuck in the pitch.

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