Heavy Fog

Coming home from yet another meeting, I pondered the day and thought perhaps it wasn’t as bad as I was feeling. Here’s the thing, feelings are tricky. Most times they help us to laugh and mourn while at other times they lead us astray, both deep and wide. However how we feel doesn’t have to affect what we believe about ourselves or God. I reminded myself that things don’t always work in our favor and as I continued toward my journey home, the small back road on which I travelled was barely visible from the heavy fog resting on the ground and the small lights emanating from the homes which sat behind the trees and far back from the road made the the trip seem like something out of a Rocky Horror Picture. So too our journey in life isn’t always clear and sometimes it’s a little scary. Although I couldn’t see very far beyond what was immediately in front of me, I trusted the road ahead. Thank you God for whatever the day brings I will not let my head rest without giving you praise.


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