Vision Possible

“Where are we to buy bread…?”  John 6:1-15   I’m a Bruce Lee fan for real! So much so, I was inspired to study karate and in three years I had a black belt. I learned that Bruce Lee had a fighting style unlike any other because he developed it himself. The main part of his fighting style was to aim 6 inches beyond your target. That’s vision! What a concept for Christians. Vision is the ability to see beyond the present circumstance, disregarding the world’s view around you and not being controlled by what others believe but rather by what God has pressed upon your heart and believing that there is more to life than meets the eye. Helen Keller once said that having sight without vision was worse than being born blind. If we see Christ in our lives then we must have vision. Without it we limit our selves. When we limit our selves we limit our possibilities. When we limit our possibilities we limit God. If we could adopt the concept of aiming beyond, seeing our selves on the other side of our circumstances and goals, the possibilities are endless because with God all things are possible. Thank you God for in you we see and through you we have our vision.

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