It Is Written

While playing the India version of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”, the main character, Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 million rupees. How did he do it? We are given 4 answers: A- He cheated, B- He’s lucky, C- He’s a genius or D- It is written. Perhaps Jamal had no way of knowing that his own life story; his own set of circumstances would one day be key factors in raising the level of his existence. But we do. I believe that our own passion story is in fact already written. Every circumstance, every mishap, every celebration and every disappointment has a place in our lives. Ours is a purpose driven life, and our circumstances should be propelling us towards God by the lessons we’ve learned and the knowledge we’ve gain from every experience, good and bad along the way. Nowhere is it written that our journey would be easy. What is written is that the stone has been rolled back. No matter the circumstance, if we believe, if we hold firmly to the message Christ proclaimed, if we are willing to open our eyes, ears hearts and minds to the love Christ has shown us through those circumstances, we can strive to live every day like its Resurrection Sunday! Alleluia! Christ is Risen!