Ride out and conquer in the cause of truth and for the sake of justice. Psalm 45:4  I took a little time off. Sometimes, it’s just necessary, as care of the self both physically and spiritually is ever important these days. It’s difficult however to take time off when life in the world around you hits so close to home. The City of Baltimore, a place I call home, a place where my family still resides is in turmoil striving for truth and justice, seemingly a simple request and yet a demand that is not unique to cities like it, which goes unheard. My mother lived through the ’68 riots in Baltimore and while at the age of 6 I was shielded by those images, I remember the pain in her face as she described them to me in one of our many adult conversations. I also remember asking why? Her response; People were hurting. My hope for truth and justice remains as my self-imposed time out comes to an end. While I can not condone the violence, PEOPLE ARE HURTING. Gracious God as the the sons take the place of the fathers and the daughters take the place of the mothers, give grace and favor to all those in the midst of this new holy uprising in Baltimore and every other city, township and municipality, that they may finally be heard!

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