A Shrewd Generosity

I am not strong enough to dig, and I am ashamed to beg (Luke 16:1-9). I always thought this was a quirky story. A manager gets caught “with his hands in the cookie jar” and is about to lose his job. His selfishness then turns to generosity towards the “marginalized” but in reality it’s all out of trying to help himself. Just as he is about to lose all that he’s been given (or taken), he reaches out to those whom he thinks might help him down the line when he needs it the most. We must take care that this manager is not us, yet we must also be wise enough to understand that we often interact with people who are but not to get caught in the web. Thank you God, for we understand that generosity is not about us, but about the other without condition or ulterior motives. Help us to continually use the gifts you have given us for others without judgment so that in the end we too will be welcome into your eternal home.

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