Rising Star

…he saw Levi…at the tax booth…  Deep within us a distant star awaits to be discovered. In the meantime we do what is necessary to live without letting go of the opportunity to shine through the darkness that attempts to hinder the journey. Our faith and hope is the tunnel we pass through every day that we awake and greet each morning. Until such time when the brightest light aligns itself in our direction and that distant star rises and begins to reflect that light. Even as the darkness continues to exist it can not penetrate the brightest of lights because the tunnel that is faith and hope won’t allow it.

2 thoughts on “Rising Star

  1. But sometimes in the waiting for the light to dawn the sarkness about does become a bit discouraging. It is in these times that we must more fervently stir the hope that is planted within us and remind ourselves the light will come.

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