Clouded Witness

…a cloud came and overshadowed them... Ordinary citizens try to explain phenomenal creatures terrorizing their community as MIB Kay and Jay “listen” intently. The witnesses are then blinded by a flash of light and a different, more believable story is recorded in their memory to keep them from telling the truth about what they’d just experienced. Kay and Jay also manage to “record” some small positive change in their lives as well. When other people saw them they wouldn’t know that they were ordinary people who had experienced something extraordinary, but they weren’t exactly the same either. How could they be? When Peter James and John came down from the mountain with Jesus they experienced something extraordinary, yet remained silent.  I’ve often wondered if other disciples could see it in their faces, or in their demeanor or hear it in their voices. Once the cloud lifted and Jesus was found alone, did they change even a little bit, though they remained silent? I’d like to think so. Gracious God, words can’t always express how and why I believe the extraordinary in my life, but let my faith always guide my actions so that others may always see your glory in spite of my own silence.