Staple Food

I am the bread of life.  Of more than 50,000 edible plant species in the world, only a few hundred contribute significantly to human food supplies. Rice, maize and wheat comprises two-thirds of human food consumption. These three are the staples of over 4 billion people. Staple foods vary from place to place, but typically they are inexpensive or readily available foods that supply one or more of the three organic macronutrients needed for survival and health. Although corn is the US’ largest staple today, in ancient Palestine, wheat was quite significant. We read a lot of stories in the bible about wheat as well. These simple words “I am the bread.”; perhaps at that time may have seemed confusing to some, but it makes sense today. Thank you God for being the staple part of our every day diet, the essential and un adulterated nutrition for our every day living. All we have to do is is make the decision to eat.