For weeks I agonized, holding on to my old phone service for as long as I could. But the cost of it went up and it no longer became the most affordable plan for me. Yet, somehow, I just couldn’t let it go. For some wacka-mole reason I thought having that unlimited data meant that I was special in some convoluted way. The reality was that I was just being foolish, no different than some crazy extremist who refuses to recognize when a change was obviously the necessary and economical choice and quite frankly – sensible. I gave myself a deadline for changing and when the day arrived I effortlessly made the switch, no agony, no pain. In fact I was most at peace with the decision. Freed from the bondage of a phone plane, my new reality was in alignment with my spirit. My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me. John 10:30. We must allow ourselves to let go of the past that no longer makes sense in our lives in order to allow the new to begin to take purpose and move us forward that we may live more freely and more at peace.

photo: pinterest.com


3 thoughts on “Let-it-Go

  1. It took me a week or two or three to realize that my so called “unlimited” plan wasn’t working in my favor, especially since I was not using it…so I too made that switch…welcome to the club. I agree with you in that some things you just have to let go, holding on just hinders to forward movement to bigger and better things.

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