Fight the Good Fight

Job 29:1, 30:1-2, 16-31 At times hope is so imbedded within us it takes great effort to pull back the many layers of despair to convince oneself that all will be well and all is well. So, we patiently wait for some manifestation of that hope, some recognition that what we are experiencing today will pale in comparison to what God has ultimately prepared for us through positioning of  -not just people but more importantly, our minds to fully appreciate with new eyes the depth of God’s of love for us in spite of our current situation. If we are honest with ourself we recognize that life is not all good or all bad. It is a varying combination of both. We understand that many times the social system is causing the negative imbalance and accept that there have been times when we are the perpetrators of the imbalances in our life. Our mission is to get beyond this game by peeling off one at a time, each layer of despair, resistance or whatever it is that keeps us from wavering from the truth that in God there is no failure. Try not to wait in despair. It’s okay to make the move towards replenishing our spirit by not giving up on who God has called us to be. Fight the good fight. This illness does not lead to death; rather it is for God’s glory…  John 11:1-16