Let Go

If… Job 29:1; 31:24-40 There are these “Let Go” apps that allows individuals to let go of things they’ve been desperately holding on to, things they’ve held for sentimental value or just taking up space and never seem to use any more. Letting go enables the individual the freedom to make room for something more useful or simply lighten the weight of desperate thinking.

At the end of Job’s discourse towards God, he sounds ready to let go. He’s exhausted the list of possibilities as to why he is experiencing such catastrophic loss and is ready to accept what appears to be the finality of his situation even though he knows he’s done nothing wrong. When our lives are filled with stuff or perhaps thoughts, the only way to make room for something new to happen or to enter in is to let go of those things, people, or situations that are living rent free in our lives. Seasons in life have their own timing. Sometimes we prolong seasons by our struggle to remain focused on the new possibilities that may be waiting for us, because we can’t let go of something we can’t control or something that’s just taking up space in our head or in our rooms and closets. What shall we let go of today so that we can make room for the Holy Spirit?  …if you believed you would see the glory… John 11:30-44

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