The Challenger

Can you draw out a Leviathan with a fish hook…?” This morning I was wondering why God responded to Job in the way that he did and was reminded of my senior year in college. I decided to enroll in something that I’d never done but had great interest in. Fencing fit the bill and the three day class schedule I was trying to achieve. It turned out that I was a natural at the sport and the fencing coach asked me to try out for the team. At the end of tryouts I made varsity and had some successful bouts. I  was feeling pretty good, until we met with the team from Penn State. Their number one female fencer was top ranked in the state and country. The coach informed me that she would be my opponent! I was terrified but I think I surprised her with the first touch. She then quickly made mince meat out of me. I walked away wondering why I was put in such an impossible position. My coach shared that she had faith in my ability and believed I had the bold competitiveness to hang tough in spite of my opponents magnificent profile. I thought she was just hanging me out to dry. On the way home, her response rang loud. My coach had faith in me. I survived the “leviathan” that day and went on to win more bouts. Up to this point, Job had not met such a challenge that he was currently facing but God had faith in Job. So too, for us we will meet challenges too great for us. Let’s not defeat our selves with small thinking. Hang tough and remember that our God, the greatest coach has faith in us. “Who can confront it and be safe – under the whole heaven, who?” Job 41:1, 41:1-11

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