Remembering Orpheus

Surely there s a mine for silver and a place for gold to be refined. Job 28:1-28  Sometimes it was late in the evening when Orpheus and I would take our walk.  As some streets were darker than others visibility was limited for me but not for Orpheus. He was sight hound, an Italian greyhound who could see further in the darkness than I could ever hope to see. It scared me sometimes because when he started after something, as hounds often do; I didn’t always know what or who it was that he saw. On the other hand I felt safe enough during those late walks because he saw what I could not see. The life lesson is that it doesn’t matter how much we know, there is always room for a greater knowledge. However perfect our life seems to be there is always room for an even greater perfection. Although we see and experience what’s in front of us there is always still more to be seen and experienced. What we see isn’t all that there is. When we become comfortable with where we are believing that we’ve reached that gold status, we limit our selves  to all of the other greater possibilities that God has in store for us physically, intellectually, emotionally and above all spiritually. God looks to the ends of the earth, and sees everything under the heavens.

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