Sitting At the Gate – #Black Lives Matter cont’d

Lazarus sits at the gate of the rich man and the rich man ignores him (Luke 16:19-31 ). Haman a wealthy official in King Ahasuerus’ court sees Mordecai sitting at the gate and despises him because he does not bow to his position of authority (Esther 5:1-14). Desperately waiting for assistance, both are seen as having no value, less than human, looked down upon, forgotten and plotted against. The plight of Black lives today are once again played out on video; Terence Crutcher in Tulsa Oklahoma, waits for assistance as his car has stalled on the road. He surrenders his hands to the air, but is seen as having no value, less than human, looked down upon, forgotten and plotted against. FOUR officers surround the him. His body is pumped with electricity, followed by a bullet and he dies. Mission accomplished. How can anyone be comfortable with this violent oppression, which includes the silence, ignorance, triangulation and justification characteristic of the oppressor? This active arrogance, internalized authority, unmerited privilege and distorted perception of life is merely hatred in disguise. I am a black woman, wife and mother. By the end of the day, there is a real possibility that I, my husband or either of my two sons will not arrive home alive. In whole or in part I will not be my own oppressor! Don’t ask me to understand. Don’t try to dissuade me from what my eyes clearly see. Don’t ask me to wait and be patient with the pervasive backwardness of our own constitution that is systematically and wrongfully supported in our society by such atrocious acts against Black lives. No debate necessary. Justice delayed is justice denied. #Black Lives Matter.

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