In the earliest known game of chess, the piece we know today as a pawn was represented as a tombstone; a marker for the dead. The fact that a tombstone is used in a game of strategy circa 600AD (or perhaps even earlier) is evidence at least to me that “life” after “death” is a long held and lasting belief of every possibility by the hand of the most high strategist. If the tombstone reaches the opposite end of the board it not only gains “new” life it possess power equal only to one other piece, the queen. It has the power to move in any straight line, any number of spaces available, in any direction, forward or backward. Perhaps today we may feel like a tombstone as part of this game of life. What we feel, and who we are in the hands of God is nothing short of a life making its way to the other side as conquerors, royal queens. We shall stay the course and let our praise be to God and God’s Kingdom.  “…she rose from where she lay prostrate.”  Judith 10:1-23 (Apocrypha)

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