A Simple Thing

I made sure I got out today. It’s not often that the weather is this warm in October. It was however mostly the brightness of the day that got my attention. I couldn’t let it go by as I’ve done so many times in the past. But today no depth of my emotions would allow me to settle in and make up some excuse for not taking the opportunity. I suppose I could have found some park with children playing or ventured through serene county woods looking for a babbling brook but I wasn’t really interested in watching children play or escaping the everyday.  The purpose was to simply go on a quick journey outside of the house. So I went to the mall. I talked to some people, smelled some fragrances and got caught up on the latest electronics. I know this all seems like a simple thing, perhaps even a little ridiculous. It was barely a two hour adventure, but just enough time to enjoy the brightness of the sun. On the ride back home I think to myself – God is good.

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