3D Resolutions

At the beginning of every year we resolve to do all kinds of things. Making a resolution means that we’ve at least examined ourselves to some extent and have made a decision towards change. If we are dedicated, disciplined and determined our resolutions will come to fruition. It’s not likely to be a smooth transition. We fall short as everything and everybody will find some way to distract us away from the goal. Even if we do fall our 3D approach will bring us back. Faith is like that. We say that we believe in something higher than ourselves and we know there are ways of being according to that faith but when it comes to following through….. we fall short. Being in the world gets in the way of being in the faith. If we’re not careful we’ll blame the Faith. Falling away is not the problem. It happens. None of us is perfect. If we stick to the 3D approach we soon recognize it’s not the faith, it’s the faithful. We simply must be accountable for what we say we believe, get back to our 3D approach and strive forward. One moment at a time, faith is a daily life-long resolution holding to the God within, that existed before we came into being and will remain long after.

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