A Masterpiece in the Making

You are made for perfection, but you are not yet perfect. You are a masterpiece in the making (Archbishop Desmond Tutu – The Book of Joy p.92). This seemed contrary to the Genesis story of humankind being created in the image of God (Gen 1:27). I believe God to be perfect, so I must be perfect – right?.  Yes and No. We had power and authority over all the earth. What we didn’t have was all knowledge, the knowledge that could only be had by eating what was forbidden. I can only assume that when humankind was created we were not meant to know everything, at least without first having experiencing something. We are spiritual beings in physical form, each of us given the face of God. Therefore our physical body is perfect but mastery involves action that leads to skill, proficiency and knowledge. Skill and proficiency comes with time. Skill and proficiency is different from perfection. Perfection is absolute. Nothing else needs to be done. Mastery can always be improved upon, actions (hopefully good ones), which we strive to maintain. Thank you God for another day. Let me not be drawn to instant gratification, but rather help me to remember throughout my days, the true value of your masterpiece in faith and action and the promise of your spiritual reward.

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