Greater Love

When we want something we did not get or we get something we did not want, we become frustrated. Frustration leads to anger. Anger leads to action and it’s not always good. To our defense Jesus got frustrated (Matt. 17:14-18). He got angry as well (Matt. 21:12-13). Somehow I think he knew that verbal backlash and flipping tables wasn’t going to solve the issues at hand. At the heart of it all is the fear that we won’t get what we need. It’s the fear that in God’s Kingdom there simply isn’t enough. For people of faith this kind of thinking is not an option. We must not use it as a defense mechanism to justify why we can’t have what we need. A woman, a card carrying member of the oldest marginalized group in the existence of the world, fights her way through a crowd to touch the hem of a cloak worn by the only person with the true power to save, is healed. She suffered twelve years and it seems unfair that she would have to fight so hard. Yet with one purpose alone she makes her way through the crowd unnoticed until she makes contact. Would that our own persistence be as strong, much stronger than the fear of not getting what we need, because we are a people of faith and God’s perfect love and desires for us is far greater than our fears.