The Practice of Rejoicing

For various reasons, we all don’t flourish at the same time. Yet, at every moment someone is rejoicing in some flourishment. If we rejoice in our own success, and also rejoice in the success of others, then it stands to reason that we are always rejoicing. In time we should see that the practice of rejoicing, whether it be for our self or someone else, will eventually replace the negative emotions we sometimes feel when we are struggling, with the joy and happiness of God’s goodness towards all humanity. We begin to understand that the world does not revolve around us alone, but rather our interconnectedness to one another collectively and to God.

Lord, remind me to rejoice when others flourish, especially during those times when my own rejoicing seems averted, delayed or held up. Help me to conquer my impatience complicated by envy, competitiveness and judgement, with praise for your everlasting love for all.

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