The Will of God

The Will of God… Helen read the words again. She knew they were true. But still, fear lapped at her heart, threatening to engulf it. Have you ever felt like that, struggling to trust God’s goodness in the face of a possible loss – the loss of something or someone you treasure? Have you ever wondered if God’s will might somehow take you where no one has gone before – to a place where God’s grace cannot keep you? If so you are not alone. Loss and fear of loss can plant the seeds of doubt in the most faithful of hearts. Perhaps you are experiencing that right now, even as you read this. If so, remember; facts and feelings are not the same thing. No matter what happens – no matter what! – God’s promises are true. God’s sustaining grace is real.

Jane L. Fryar

I wasn’t sure I was going to render a thought today. I’ve learned not to sweat the times when I don’t expound on something. As I was preparing for the the next day I picked a small 33 day devotional that had this passage which spoke so clearly to my heart. I knew I needed to share. I hope it encourages someone else as well.

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