Something Special

I awoke this morning thinking about what my day might bring, certain of only one thing, to enjoy every minute. After the immediate headlines about Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis the morning show conversations turned to the solar eclipse. Up to this point I had absolutely no interest in the eclipse. But as I listened to NPR while I took care of some early morning errands I became more interested. After asking of the remote possibility of having those special glasses at some of the places I’d visited, I decided that the only way I’d get to see the eclipse was to make that pinhole camera. Would it work? I was about to find out. Our house is covered by trees but if I stood on a portion of the street just beyond the driveway there might be a window of opportunity at the identified hour @ 2:40. As I watched TV and waited for that one time moment, I picked up my box and went outside. Of course my neighbors had those special glasses. I walked to the street, turned my back to the sun and allowed the light to penetrate the pinhole. At first I saw what looked like a crescent and I thought my homemade camera was a farce. I then noticed two other crescents that I thought were created because I had somehow poked some incidental holes. Then just before I got a little discouraged that I had bought into this phenomena, I noticed that the crescent image was slowly getting bigger- something was definitely moving. Wow! I literally froze, afraid to move as I wished I’d brought my camera. After my paralyzingly moment I decided it was worth going back to my car to get my phone where I had left it, to get some kind of proof that I had indeed witnessed – though a partial image – something quite special. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it – John 1:5. Until 2024, if God is willing, I’ll be ready. Amen.