Lent Day 9

First Signs

…but remember me when it is well with you…  Genesis 40:1-23  It would be another two years before Pharaoh’s cupbearer remembered Joseph. I am reminded of the movie 12 Years A Slave, when Solomon Northup, abducted from his home in Upstate New York and enslaved on a plantation in New Orleans, once again places his hope in the kind and yet dangerous hand of another man. Solomon had been betrayed before but it didn’t keep him from holding to the hope of regaining his freedom. So when the first sign of the next possibility arose, he tried again. Although he could not have known to whom he could trust his story, he did know that he could trust in his hope.


“…she out of her poverty has put in everything she had.” Mark12:35-44  This passage is often used for stewardship campaigns. It is equally, if not more so about faith. While teaching in the temple, Jesus warns against those who “devour the widow’s houses and for the sake of appearance, say long prayers.” Knowing this, why would anyone put anything in the treasury let alone 100% of all that they have, if not for their faith by the grace of God? Additionally, why would the widow give 100% of all she had when the law only required a 10th? It seems this act of faith isn’t about money at all but rather about trusting enough to give 100% of our life over to God.