The Full Picture

…the LORD does not see as mortals see…  That God would choose us just doesn’t seem plausible. What about the special skills, the brute strength or the depth of the inquiring mind? Our own sense of control, desires us to see the full picture. When we don’t see the full picture it only makes us want to see it even more! Learning to let go of the hard and fast rules of life opens doors to opportunities that were closed because of our “control issues.” God’s opportunities are so much greater than our own! Thank you Lord for the path of seeing what you see requires that we simply take one step in love and another step in faith at a time.

Never Say Never

What God has made clean, you must not call profane.  Acts 10:1-16  I am often reminded of the things I said I would never do like going back to school. As we grow and mature we change our minds about a lot of things when we realize our resistance hinders our own growth.  What we make sacred and what God makes sacred are often entirely different. If we can subject our heart and mind to be led by what God makes sacred, through us, we make way for God’s faith and love to grow as well.