No Limits

Is it not written… I said you are gods…  John 10:31-42  What does it matter what I call myself? What does it matter what you see when when you look at me? Based on your own understanding of who you think I am, and your disbelief, why do you try to limit me and diminish my works? As we are blessed with another day, we are blessed with another opportunity to open our heart and our mind to another newness of life. If our thoughts and works do not change, we will not change. We will not believe that newness of life is possible. We will limit and diminish the self. Yet, we are because of the I AM and remember that God has no limits.

Be The Change

Open my eyes that I might see  Psalm 119:18  I remember a time while I was waiting in line to return an item, a woman at the counter had dropped all of the contents from her wallet on the floor. Almost immediately, another young woman who was also at the counter helped to pick up the contents. A gentleman behind me waiting in line remarked; “That’s something you don’t see up north.” I suppose he was comparing the  behavior to people in other geographic areas. The gentleman’s comment reminded me that we can’t know what someone is like without first having experienced them. If we assume that kindness is only found in specific geographic areas, why aren’t all of us as believers, living in those places? If we are not experiencing kindness from others in our current place, then others may not be experiencing kindness from us as well. Yet, if Christ is within us, then perhaps we are where we are in order that God working through us, we remember to demonstrate the kindness, that others like to see not only in the north, but the south, east and west as well.