Born Blind And Seeing Perfectly

John 9:1-2  As he walked along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

Jesus assures the disciples that no one is at fault in this case. Of course the blindness that the disciples speak of is a physical one but I believe our reality is that we are all born spiritually blind but only in that the soul within us, which yearns to be awakened, has yet to be shaken up by an experience of grace (something we receive that we did not earn) and mercy (something we deserve but did not receive).  Don’t be deceived, no physical birth is ever at fault. So let’s begin to work and pray for one another that God’s grace and mercy will manifest through each of us and for each of us.  Then one day we will all see perfectly. Amen.

Turning Points: From Physical to Spiritual

Today’s blog is dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Never again will I curse the ground…nor destroy every living creature.” Even God had a turning point. Jesus coming into the world was another drastic decision on the part of God to choose life rather than destruction, because the law given to protect and keep had instead become a burden to his own chosen people. Destruction wasn’t going to solve the problem, because humankind would only be born in to the same physical world. Thus humankind being created in the image of God had to make the conscious decision to be renewed (born again) in Spirit, which involves a complete change in the heart and mind with respect to our relationship with God. With Christ as our example in human form we now by his life, have an opportunity to make that change and share in his glory. The Epiphany (manifestation of Christ to the gentiles) is our drastic, and all too certain, turning point. Through Christ (not money, fame, nor group) everyone has the opportunity to make the conscious decision to seek and follow the God within. No one knew this better that Martin Luther King.

Drastic DecisionBorn Again; Christ is our Example

God Believes In Us


Merry Christmas! Be encouraged! We are almost to the New Year. Whatever is left undone or unaccomplished can always be attended to as the New Year turns. I know from experience that we are often our own worst critics! We don’t have to be so hard on our selves. I myself work on this everyday. I have learned that when we are working earnestly at the one thing that we love, the one thing we understand our purpose to be, we don’t have to wait for others to believe in what we can do. We don’t have to wait for others to validate who we know ourselves to be. The fact that God has given us this gift is assurance that he believes in us and has already validated who we are! By this, we can and should always believe in ourselves and continue to work for the glory of His name. For our own physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing, it’s very important in this journey to believe. Doubt is a true enemy and will stifle or redirect us at its first opportunity. Believe in your self as a child of God, and no other resolution needs to be made. Let the Spirit of Christmas reign. Live born again, and walk in reconciliation with one another!

Be encouraged; Already validated; Live Born again