Changing Perspectives

Simon Peter said to them, ‘I am going fishing.’ John 21:1-14 Just another work day for Peter and the disciples as they are still perhaps pondering the recent events of Christ appearing before them and wondering how they should move forward. They fish all night and nothing. Yet unbeknown, in the midst of them is Christ watching from the shore. Seeing their struggle, Christ suggests they try the other side of the boat. I think, under normal times the disciples would have known to be more thorough. As it were they are simply going through the motions of tossing out the net and expecting to find fish. At times it’s easy to find our selves just going through the motions and what we need is a change in perspective. We’re not asked to stop doing what we know. But when all we need is a change in perspective, Christ encourages us to help one another to rethink, renew and restore our selves in the Spirit. The Lord is risen indeed!