Sharing The Word

I finally sit to write a thought for the day and all I can say is that I’ve had quite an interesting one. Some days you just can’t think and other days you can’t think enough. I am actually remembering something one of my professors shared concerning the self. He told the class that the mark of a good mentor is always willing to put the self aside to allow someone else to be brought forward. Our WordPress blogs are our stage. It is where we put forth our talents. Although I am not a mentor per se, I do like to share what I believe to be good things with others. So today I share my space and I would like to draw your attention to a blog that I came across earlier today. It is the poetry of a young writer. The blog can be found at I think you will like the site and become a follower. I certainly did. Good job Ben!

God Believes In Us


Merry Christmas! Be encouraged! We are almost to the New Year. Whatever is left undone or unaccomplished can always be attended to as the New Year turns. I know from experience that we are often our own worst critics! We don’t have to be so hard on our selves. I myself work on this everyday. I have learned that when we are working earnestly at the one thing that we love, the one thing we understand our purpose to be, we don’t have to wait for others to believe in what we can do. We don’t have to wait for others to validate who we know ourselves to be. The fact that God has given us this gift is assurance that he believes in us and has already validated who we are! By this, we can and should always believe in ourselves and continue to work for the glory of His name. For our own physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing, it’s very important in this journey to believe. Doubt is a true enemy and will stifle or redirect us at its first opportunity. Believe in your self as a child of God, and no other resolution needs to be made. Let the Spirit of Christmas reign. Live born again, and walk in reconciliation with one another!

Be encouraged; Already validated; Live Born again



Merry Christmas! Today, I want to share another learning experience I believe (at least for myself) takes discipline in Christ to achieve; learning to live beyond what we feel and what we think other people are feeling about us. I have learned to not make assumptions or decisions based solely on what I feel or what I think other people are feeling. When it involves someone we don’t know (or don’t have a relationship with) leave it alone. However, in relationship (or someone you’d like to be in relationship with), always ask for what it is you need to know. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the answer you want to hear. Be thankful that whatever they have told you is hopefully the truth. However, understand that as our circumstances change so will our truths. What was real for someone yesterday may not be valid for him or her today and completely irrelevant tomorrow. The good news is that God’s truth and the gift of his Love is not only unchanging but everlasting. Let the Spirit of Christmas reign. Forgive and be forgiven!

Don’t be discouraged, Give thanks; God’s truth; Gift of his LoveForgive;

One True Mediator


Merry Christmas! Today being Wednesday, and as we glide into the end of the year, I want to share something to help you get over what is commonly called “hump day.” I give thanks to God everyday for the people and support he has placed in my life. However, it took me a while to learn and remember that Christ alone is our one true mediator! Christ alone is our only redeemer! When seeking instruction and guidance, a good mentor understands (nor do they desire it) that they have nothing to gain or anything to lose by extending their wisdom to help you reconcile your life. While this life has many joys, it also has its share of hurdles, sometimes put in place by people we know, other times by people we don’t know.  Mostly, we unknowingly put them there our selves because of the decisions we’ve made. Nevertheless, when struggling to make it to the next “whatever,” I have learned to first seek the one who pioneered this journey of faith and the only one who has perfected it. No authority on earth has reached that perfection. By God’s grace, know that the relationship we choose to have with Christ is what will either get us over the humps, help us to move around them, and on occasion help to dig our selves out from underneath them to reach the side that is redemption, reconciliation and peace. Let the Spirit of Christmas reign. Trust God!

One True Mediator; Pioneer and Perfecter; Peace

Allowing God Time


Merry Christmas! I know for myself that allowing God time isn’t the easiest thing for me to do, but when I put God first, time is always on my side! God’s word reveals that waiting on the Lord assures us of some kind of reward, whether it is an answer to a problem, strength for our journey, or the jackpot of wisdom in all circumstances. Each of us has our own truth that we don’t always fully perceive in one another. God alone knows all truths and has to work that truth out in each of us. Every day, as we relate to one another we have to allow God time to work in us while he is also working in other people. Eventually, “the Bridegroom will come,” and in the meantime, when he does, always be prepared to move forward and be blessed in the process. Let the Christmas Spirit of faith, hope and love reign!

Allowing God Time; When the Bridegroom comes; Make preparation

Delight Yourself!


Perhaps for some, Christmas was only yesterday and I pray that everyone had a wonderful day. Before I get back into my meditations on the daily reading I’d like to bask in the Spirit of Christmas a little longer. I believe the quote from the Spirit of Christmas Present in Dicken’s A Christmas Carol says it all. “We Spirits of Christmas live the whole 365!” So at least for this week, everyday I will greet all readers with a Merry Christmas!  I have to admit I had a head start on the holiday itself because I began the weekend with a 50th birthday celebration that lifted my spirit with grace and appreciation for the life God has given me. I realize that with all the challenges we face in life, holding on to the hope can sometimes be the toughest. As we draw closer to this year’s end, I hope to encourage others this week with a head start on the Spirit of Christmas into the New Year and share some of what I’ve learned on my life with Christ.

Today, I’d like to share that I am assured of one thing; God, family, friends like family, friends and so forth in that order. Give thanks and always put God first. Some might say this is a no brainer, while others don’t think much about it. However, the discipline we have in our relationship with God is imperative. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). Be aware that if you do this, the more you delight yourself in God, the more your heart will desire Him!  Anything else He gives is a blessing.

True Spirit


“The true spirit of Christmas lies in the heart.” My favorite quote from The Polar Express (2004), I believe sums up the whole of the Christmas experience. As we continue the ascent towards the day, which many of us will either be happy it’s arrived or happy when it’s over, I’d like to give you a few more things to think about. Everyday this week I want to share quotes from my most favorite Christmas stories. I remember some years ago, seeing a segment on television about teenage mothers. Each of them was asked if they wanted to have this child and why. All of them responded with the same answer; “I wanted something that I could love and would love me back, just for who I am.” I suppose every year there are controversies as to the legitimacy, religious or Christian aspects of this holiday. As for me I am thankful that at the very least it is an opportunity for anyone to share love (kindness, patience, understanding, etc). I realize this can be a challenge, but I also believe that the “child” in each of us wants to love and be loved for who we are. Somehow, the older we get, the more conditional love seems to become. If in this journey we can learn, depend on, lead, and believe in the love we desire with a “child’s” faith we may discover the one unconditional love, which even to this day, is waiting for us, instead of us waiting for unconditional love.

Polar Express is a truly wonderful Christmas story with many themes running through it in the eyes of children. has a site with discussion starters with children (appropriate for adults also) around the themes in this movie and can be found by clicking here.