Mistaken Identity

It always seems to catch me off guard when someone thinks that I am someone else, – sometimes literally calling me out by someone else’s name. In order to distinguish individuals from one another you have to be looking at them, studying them, recognizing what stands out in there demeanor and behavior. Now we all mistake people for someone else and when we do it should stir something up within us that draws us to want to know more. If I have been mistaken for someone else and there is no follow-up to get to know me, what does that say about why you bothered to approach me in the first place? What a blessing it is to be known by God. The very fact that God knows us and calls us by name means that nothing we do goes unnoticed by God. It means that in both small and large ways we count – we matter to God. I believe it also means we have a responsibility to try to know one another. Recently I realized that my desire to be called by my name was synonymous with my desire to be known. However, I also realized that being mistaken for someone else is perhaps an opportunity to give people a reason to “come and see“. We must invite them into our story, our journey in Christ and make known God’s purpose in our lives. In between those opportunities we can take courage in knowing that God knows us even while we are simply sitting under the fig tree (John 1:43-51).

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Location, Location, Location

Come and See.  John 1:43-51  Spoken by Philip in response to Nathanael’s skepticism concerning Jesus’ residential status. Nazareth, a small remote town in Galilee barely registers with any significance. If not for the archeological evidence of its existence in the first century, some would still be skeptical. We put a lot of emphasis on where people come from (among other things). We assume positive things if a person is from a “wealthy” zip code and assume the worst from “impoverished” zip codes. We forget that what we see on the outside has nothing to do with what God has placed on the inside. Christ himself is evidence. By judging others, perhaps we judge what God may have allowed in order that one may experience His glory. Don’t let location fool you! Get to know God for yourself. Come and See.