…the son can do nothing on his own. John 5:19-24  I remember the first time my oldest son said his first curse word. He was being tickled by his father and I suspect they were having fun. However, at some point my son was ready for the play to be over and still laughing out came the words stop “dammit!” It was a turnabout of our own voice. He was about 18 months. I have to admit it was funny then and as I think of it it’s still funny. We were created to be in relationship and as our children hear and see us, they also say and do. As young parents it was our first experience of how truly delicate that relationship really is and the significance of our choice of words. We learned to respect that relationship with all our heart, mind and soul. Thank you God for the relationship you have with us. Thank you for the relationship we have with your son. May we always remember and truly live out daily that relationship with our own children and among one another.

Covered By Grace

I’d waited as long as I could but the noise seemed to get worse. So I braced myself and made the appointment. As I anxiously waited, finally the gentleman from behind the desk comes in to the waiting lounge and calls out “Mrs. Whitfield!” I look up and reluctantly respond. “We found the problem. It’s a bearing…” From that point on the only thing I heard was whah whah whah…it’s covered under warranty.” On the way home I felt like I was driving a new car. If it hadn’t been chilly and rainy I would have given her a bath because she (that’s right it’s a girl) really needed one. In more ways than one I had been neglecting my car, worrying that I was about to face another bill – and for what! She was covered! We sometimes treat our own life in the same way, putting things off – for what? We forget that we are covered by God’s grace. We forget to commit (our) way to the Lord to put (our) trust in him, and he will bring it to pass (Psalm 37:5). I thank you Lord for you are my stronghold in time of trouble (Psalm 37:41)