Drawing Closer

…I know where I have come from and where I am going… John 8:12-20  Remembering the past while embracing the future requires focus, courage, flexibility and above all faith. Half way through this season of Lent perhaps we’ve fallen off a bit from our journey towards reconciling all that we’ve come to know with all that is yet to be known; as we leave what needs to be left of the old and graciously receive all that is new. Gracious God thank you for the strength of your spirit that guides us as you continue to create your love within us and draw us closer to where you desire us to be.


We know that it is possible to take advantage of our physical wealth, forgetting the ultimate source of our blessings. It is however also possible to take advantage of our spiritual wealth as well, forgetting that knowledge of God does not make us special because it is there for anyone who chooses to seek Truth. What it makes us, is accountable to what we claim to believe and to the language and actions we use to express those beliefs. If we say that we are thankful for God’s presence in our life then let us be thankful. Although it may seem inconvenient, thankfulness requires taking the time to pray. Prayer draws us closer to God, opens our heart and mind and renders enlightenment, peace and joy. If we are truly thankful we know that the “holiday” of Thanksgiving is not just one day that we take off (which less and less people are doing every year) but rather gratefulness that is lived out every day. Gratefulness is a gift that desires to be expressed. Let us daily continue to fulfill God’s graciousness with our true thankfulness.

Fullest Potential

This teaching is difficult, who can accept it? John 6:60-71  My husband who taught at all levels, always said that he enjoyed elementary students best. For the most part, they have less external stimuli drawing their attention away from learning. Because we have the capability of true self-actualization, humans are the highest level of animal in creation. We have the conscious ability for deliberate and intentional thought and actions. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we allow our selves at all times to be led by the spirit of our faith in God. External stimuli; i.e work, family and friend environments, regularly draws our consciousness within us away from seeking the consciousness that is above.  When we find our selves having difficulty seeking God, the highest level of our self-actualization, consider the external stimuli. Pause and remember the elemental aspects of our faith and who we are as disciples of the Most High God. The only thing higher than the creation is the Creator. Although it’s not always so easy, in our consciousness and ability to praise the Creator, we can achieve our fullest potential towards eternal life.