The Wager

You knew did you…?  In most cases, we can either respond to the environment around us, which isn’t always healthy or we can respond to the spirit of God’s faithfulness within us. Pascal’s Wager suggests that regardless of what we believe about God’s existence, it makes sense to live a life as if God does exist. If in death we find that God and the after life does exist, then we benefit in both physical and spiritual realms.  A servant makes the presumption about the authority over her and out of fear makes the wrong decision about her own responsibility. As a result, she loses her life. Lord God, help us to see what looks like “rain” in our environment as showers for new growth and let our fears be wake-up calls to not give in to our pre-judgments, prejudices and scapegoating.

Casting Nets

…if you say so I will let down the nets.  Luke 5:1-11  They’d worked all night and hadn’t caught anything! But all that was about to change. Catching fish in the daytime was unheard of and simply wasn’t when the job got done. Simon Peter had no reason to believe they would catch anything. Yet judging from his response, what did he have to lose? As a result of his obedience he was greatly rewarded. Achieving dreams and goals is hard work. We must be willing to “cast our net” one more time, even when to us, it seems futile. As children of the Most High, we have everything to gain and the only way we lose something we don’t have is if we stop casting the net.

Grace Unseen

…the man believed …and started on his way.  John 4:43-54  It was at least a days walk before returning to Capernaum where the official’s son lay close to death. It’s often difficult to walk away and trust that everything will be alright and yet by the time the official reached home, his son was healed. As we ourselves suffer or watch our loved ones sometimes succumb to various illnesses, how do we envision signs and wonders today? Are signs and wonders the essential part of our faith  – or is our faith the substance of signs and wonders? Every journey we begin in faith is our confidence that as we believe and continue on our way “home”, the place where God has called us, in time we realize that by God’s grace, unseen signs and wonders have already gone before us.

Take Heart

Take heart…  Matthew 9:1-8  What Jesus said next could have been anything. Yet, something like, “It’s not as bad as it seems” somehow doesn’t feel as effective. Besides that, what if in fact it really is as bad as it seems? What Jesus does say is “son, your sins are forgiven.” In this Jewish Palestinian culture to have ones sins forgiven is major. It meant that you were approved by God. So it stands to reason that the Jewish authorities believed only God could give such an approval. Jesus however makes a point. It really is easier to say to someone that “God has forgiven” them because that elicits hope. Hope encourages that God, who makes all things possible, is near. To say “Stand up and walk” gives them a challenge. It’s like challenging someone to “just do it.” Yet, who takes on a challenge without first having some hope of achieving a goal? Today, we tend to encourage one another by saying “just do it.” However, sometimes we need to be reminded that we are already approved by God. What we really need to hear proclaimed from one another is “Take heart, child; God is near, all things are possible.

Imagine The Possible

“For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:23-30  Like the rich man, we all struggle to let things go. All factions of fear, such as worry, doubt and past experiences keep us from stepping in faith. All possibilities belong to God. So go ahead, walk with God, change your way of thinking and imagine the possible. For to imagine the possible is to imagine God.

See, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27