Making My Way

“….and while I am making my way, someone else steps down ahead of me.’  John 5:1-18  Sometimes it seems as though there is always someone ahead of us in life. News Break! There will always be someone who is ahead of us! But that is merely a physical concept. We all have some limitations, some of which we caused and some caused by no fault of our own or anyone else. The man in this story was ill but this day he had the good blessing of crossing paths with Christ. Jesus knew that the man had been at that portico a long time trying to get in the water and no one else would help him. I think one of the worst things about achieving goals is the feeling that no one will help you. Feelings of abandonment can sometimes be misunderstood or miscommunicated. Yet as believers, as long as we are making our way, God will not abandoned us. By our faith we are already ahead and are always where we need to be so that God’s glory may be revealed and not our own. Everyday, with every praise and every prayer, we cross paths with Christ. So while we are making our way, we must remember to ask ourselves, “Have we crossed paths with Christ today?”