From The Heart

… you can not make one hair white or black. Let your word be “Yes, Yes” or “No, No”…  Matthew 5:27-37  A reality in life is that a swear and a promise are merely words that we say to assure someone else of our commitments. The words mean nothing if they don’t first come from the heart of the one who commits. When we find our heart falling away from our commitments, we have only to remember our redemption through Christ’s life, death and resurrection, in order that we may come back to the heart of the matter of what God has placed within us to do, according to His promise. God does not ask us to perform miracles, only to trust the true Love placed within our heart which enables the work we are called to fulfill.

Prayer: Gracious God your word is active and living, we know that you are a God who keeps promises, and that you sent your son Jesus Christ to help us live according your promise, help us to keep the promises we make in our heart before you and guide us in order that we may keep them among one another.

No Debate Necessary

If anyone says anything to you, just say this, “The Lord needs them.”  Matthew 21:1-11  I love it! No debate necessary. Everything Jesus has asked of his disciples is to fulfill the scriptures. Our first challenge with the question of “why” is usually brought on by our children. Often we start out trying to explain and out of frustration we end up saying “Because I said so.” We sometimes forget that we ask our children to do things because we know that it will protect or benefit them in some way. In our spiritual journey we will be challenged as to the life we’ve chosen in Christ. I like the purpose behind that non-debateable answer that Jesus gives. So next time anyone asks I’ll just say this; “I’m living out my life in faith, according to the scriptures in which I was called.