Intentional Places

The manna ceased on the day they ate the produce of the land… the crops of the land of Canaan.  Joshua 4:19-5:1,10-15  Having been brought out of the wilderness, the spiritual food of manna was no longer provided. Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum writes: The Jews in the desert were provided with spiritual food, manna from heaven. For forty years, every morning was spent foraging for this special foodstuff. Now, if G‑d wanted to miraculously ensure His nation’s survival in a desert, He needn’t have invented manna and have it miraculously appear daily. He could have played around with nature in another way, by reducing our dependency on food. No appetite, no hunger, no problem.  Often, it doesn’t occur to us that as we hold to our faith in this journey, God is feeding us in more ways than we realize. If we are able to perceive God’s provision for every day with gratitude, every act of love along our journey helps to move us closer to the place physically and spiritually where God has always intended us to be, in the presence of God. Where ever you are today, take heart. Life is a gift.

Lent Day 29

Making Straight The Way

“What of your brother Aaron, the Levite?…You shall speak to him and put the words in his mouth; and I will be with your mouth and with his mouth, and will teach you what you shall do. He indeed shall speak for you to the people; he shall serve as a mouth for you, and you shall serve as God for him.  Exodus 4:10-20  Sometimes our children don’t yet have the confidence to do what we as parents already know is gifted within them. In his self-exile Moses lost his confidence, but God knew that within him was a longing heart for the people of God. Moses would not always need the assistance of Aaron. As he draws ever closer in his relationship with God, Moses’ boldness before God also increases. Even as life experiences sometimes beats down our own confidence, it is our confidence in God’s presence within us, which picks us up, leads the way as we boldly move forward in Christ confident that God our Provider prepares the way.

Good Ground

“Listen! A sower went out to sow…” Matthew 13:1-9  I’ve heard this popular parable about seeds falling on various ground many times with several interpretations. I must admit however, that I heard something slightly different as I read it today. I see it much more positively than I’d previously read and my attention was drawn to the sower. Every new morning the sower has an opportunity to sow. Much like the seed of the sower which falls on various ground, the seeds we plant in our own lives fall on various ground. Of the things we work towards in life, some of them bear fruit and some don’t. Some things are extremely successful and other things are only slightly successful. Even the Word of God we have to share with the world isn’t always going to be received by every faction of the world. The key however is that the sower continues to sow. So too we must continue to sow the Word of God knowing that in spite of the birds of prey, the rocks and thorns, God will provide good ground.

Featured Image: The Parable of the Sower from Matthew 13:1-9 art by Earnest Graham, 2008