A wretched past stands no chance against a contrite heart. Nor, would you bring our sincere efforts before your threshold and not let us cross over. At times we see a limen that is just an illusion and what we see beyond it is merely a trap. You have not let us cross over so far that we may not recover. We cry out to you and you hear our voice. In retrospect we see that place of re-entry, refreshment and grace that you have set for us and we give thanks to you O God, for the threshold of your consciousness is never out of our reach.

Faith Comes First

…for God all things are possible.  Matthew 19:23-30  It is said that if you can imagine something happening there is a real possibility that it can be achieved. Imagination, the mind’s ability to form and create new ideas, is what we do when we have faith in those possibilities. However if we are to see those possibilities come into fruition we must take action in order to bring our ideas to life. By God’s grace, faith is our gift by which we begin to see his possibilities for our lives. All we have to do act.