We know that it is possible to take advantage of our physical wealth, forgetting the ultimate source of our blessings. It is however also possible to take advantage of our spiritual wealth as well, forgetting that knowledge of God does not make us special because it is there for anyone who chooses to seek Truth. What it makes us, is accountable to what we claim to believe and to the language and actions we use to express those beliefs. If we say that we are thankful for God’s presence in our life then let us be thankful. Although it may seem inconvenient, thankfulness requires taking the time to pray. Prayer draws us closer to God, opens our heart and mind and renders enlightenment, peace and joy. If we are truly thankful we know that the “holiday” of Thanksgiving is not just one day that we take off (which less and less people are doing every year) but rather gratefulness that is lived out every day. Gratefulness is a gift that desires to be expressed. Let us daily continue to fulfill God’s graciousness with our true thankfulness.

I Remember

She taught me everything I know, and when I’m really listening she teaches me more deeply. Even now I strive to not disappoint her, as she endures within me. It is he who created her; he saw her and took her measure; he poured her out upon all his works… (Sirach 1:1-11) For the gift of my Mother, I’m forever grateful. I remember, her life is my life.

Second Chances

…the word came a second time (Jonah 3:1-4:11); Get up and go! If you’ve ever been where Jonah’s been, a second chance is like breathing a full breath of new air. Your thinking has changed. Your heart has surrendered The only thing on your mind is gratefulness. There’s no room for growth in the “belly of a whale.” The victory that is in life itself is cause to do God’s will and obey the passion of God’s Word within us. Get up… go.. and proclaim… the message!  Be all that God has called you to be.

Snow Day

It’s the coldest February I can remember in a long, long time. For a bout a week it wreaked havoc on my nerves but today, as you might imagine by the lateness of my post I allowed myself a “snow day.” I was treated to a late morning breakfast that included cooked apples, corn biscuits and scrapple and an early dinner featuring short ribs. For desert I was surprised with homemade chocolate chip cookies with pecans. It doesn’t get much better than that. Except for the moment I ventured out to help shovel seven inches of new snow from the driveway (an activity that truly deserved a partner), I rested for the better part of the day. As I was returning from taking Orpheus the wonder dog out for the evening, I experienced a spirit of gratefulness and thanksgiving. This may be a day that the Lord has made but today it belonged to my husband George.