Getting To The Other Side

It was now dark, and Jesus had not yet come to them (John 6:15-27). Does this sound familiar? Where is Jesus? The disciples decide to go on without him and lo and behold he comes to them walking on the water! I often wonder would their response be any different, if when they arrived on the other side of Galilee, Jesus had already been there ChickensCrossingTheRoadResizedwaiting for them. No doubt, that would have taken them by surprise as well. The disciples waited as long as they could and apparently they needed to get to the other side. Much like the disciples we find ourselves in a position of having to make a decision before we are ready. What I find encouraging about this story is that Jesus did not appear to be upset because they had left him. In fact I believe that perhaps Jesus was encouraged that they chose to move forward. Once the chaos of the crowd dies down Jesus makes his way to be with his disciples just as the sea became rough. Jesus said to his disciples; “I am: do not be afraid.(Gk translation)” Sometimes making a decision, in the midst of darkness and storms, is the last thing we want to do. Nevertheless in faith we too should not be afraid to move forward because one way or the other with Christ behind us supporting our efforts, before us making preparations, and let’s not forget the times he carries us along the way, we will get to the other side.