The man believed… and started on his way. John 4:43-54  Our actions lay foundations for things to come and much of what happens in life takes place in the background. Which is why what we do and say is so important. We don’t always get to see how God works, but our faith, the substance of things unseen is our confidence and encouragement to continue on our journey. Thank you God for by your Word our steps are ordered and by your presence our footing is sure.

Grace Unseen

…the man believed …and started on his way.  John 4:43-54  It was at least a days walk before returning to Capernaum where the official’s son lay close to death. It’s often difficult to walk away and trust that everything will be alright and yet by the time the official reached home, his son was healed. As we ourselves suffer or watch our loved ones sometimes succumb to various illnesses, how do we envision signs and wonders today? Are signs and wonders the essential part of our faith  – or is our faith the substance of signs and wonders? Every journey we begin in faith is our confidence that as we believe and continue on our way “home”, the place where God has called us, in time we realize that by God’s grace, unseen signs and wonders have already gone before us.