Heart Of A Child

He deserves a second chance.  Mo’ne Davis forgives the college baseball player who insults her with heinous language and responds with speaking truth to an action that outrages many of us who are authentic adults. How can we not be proud by her showing such maturity and grace even in the face of systemic bigotry and racism that rears its ugly head upon the innocence of a child who clearly understands the fundamental Christian right of forgiving and being forgiven. While it is difficult to put our feelings aside concerning yet another act of cyber-bullying, this one thing we know; God both forgives and hears the prayers of the righteous. So yes Mo’ne, everyone deserves a second chance and you have paved a way for him to receive it, but perhaps not today. Perhaps not before he has learned and fully understands that same maturity and grace that helped you to move beyond such ignorance and respond according to the values many out there claim to live but rarely display. Gracious God thank you for through the heart of a child we shall all be saved.

Looking Forward

One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.  John 9:18-41  They wanted to remind him of his past. They wanted to convince him that this blessing of sight was a trick, perhaps even short-lived. But the man born blind wouldn’t let that keep him from believing that his sight was nothing short of a miracle by someone whom even the authorities had no answer. Clarity isn’t always easy to come by and there is more stimuli in the world now than at anytime previous. Whether we are born blind or become blind, out of love, what we know is that whatever is now behind us does not affect God’s desire for us to see. Keep looking forward.