Just Do It

…we have no need to present a defense to you in this matter. Daniel 3:1-18  I’ve come to understand that if God has placed within us the compassion to build a ministry; just do it. The hopes and dreams we have belong to God who by grace has placed them within us. They don’t go away necessarily. Yet if we wait too long to act on them they simply remain hopes and dreams. We can either take the first step or watch someone else take it – and they will. We don’t need to over process their situation. God already knows that we don’t yet have all the answers. We have to trust that if God placed that call in our heart, we have what we need to live out the call. Thank you God for the compassion to do the work you have given us to do and the courage strength and humility to allow you to guide us through it.


Take Heart

Take heart…  Matthew 9:1-8  What Jesus said next could have been anything. Yet, something like, “It’s not as bad as it seems” somehow doesn’t feel as effective. Besides that, what if in fact it really is as bad as it seems? What Jesus does say is “son, your sins are forgiven.” In this Jewish Palestinian culture to have ones sins forgiven is major. It meant that you were approved by God. So it stands to reason that the Jewish authorities believed only God could give such an approval. Jesus however makes a point. It really is easier to say to someone that “God has forgiven” them because that elicits hope. Hope encourages that God, who makes all things possible, is near. To say “Stand up and walk” gives them a challenge. It’s like challenging someone to “just do it.” Yet, who takes on a challenge without first having some hope of achieving a goal? Today, we tend to encourage one another by saying “just do it.” However, sometimes we need to be reminded that we are already approved by God. What we really need to hear proclaimed from one another is “Take heart, child; God is near, all things are possible.