Location, Location, Location

Come and See.  John 1:43-51  Spoken by Philip in response to Nathanael’s skepticism concerning Jesus’ residential status. Nazareth, a small remote town in Galilee barely registers with any significance. If not for the archeological evidence of its existence in the first century, some would still be skeptical. We put a lot of emphasis on where people come from (among other things). We assume positive things if a person is from a “wealthy” zip code and assume the worst from “impoverished” zip codes. We forget that what we see on the outside has nothing to do with what God has placed on the inside. Christ himself is evidence. By judging others, perhaps we judge what God may have allowed in order that one may experience His glory. Don’t let location fool you! Get to know God for yourself. Come and See.


‘Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we (Pharisees) know?  John 6:41-51  Just the other day I said after introducing myself I said to someone that they probably wouldn’t remember my name. She responded, “I’ll remember, I have a best friend by that name.” Today’s reading caused me to realize we often make assumptions about one another based on what we see and what we perceive to know. Admittedly, I am the one who forgets names. Oddly enough, I won’t forget her name because of the same reason. I too have a best friend (since middle school) that has her name. A relationship with God transcends what we think we know of one another because only God fully knows each of us.  It is much easier to accept what you perceive to know than to seek out what you don’t know. However, if we accept that nothing is fully known except by God then we should never stop seeking to know one another rather than simply accepting what we think we know or that other people will accept what we perceive to know.