Lost And Valued

If I counted the times I felt lost, unnoticed or abandoned, I’d lose my way yet again. There is comfort in accepting the fact that only in our own eyes are we ever really lost. For God always knows where we are, how far we’ve come and how much farther we have to go. It is because even in our unrighteousness, our sometimes wayward steps and self condemnation, we are valued by our Creator. Regardless of how hard we are on ourselves, God rejoices in our continuous struggle to be found; to reconcile ourselves to God’s grace of loving us, especially when we are unable to love ourselves. Thank you God for even when we are lost we are never devalued. Your Holy Spirit continues to seek us out and when we find each other again, sings out – Rejoice…  for I have found my (lost) sheep; …my (valued) coin!  Luke 15:1-10

Searching For A Diamond

I once spent a year searching for a diamond earring from a set that my parents had given me as a graduation gift. I never found it. I still hope that one day it will show up in some unusual place in my home, but I don’t look for it anymore. I am fortunate to still have one that I wear regularly, which is why only one of my ear lobes has two holes. Of course we are far greater value than the most precious of jewels. Thank you God for of the times when even your roughest of diamonds has been lost, you never stop searching. Rejoice with me, …there is joy in the presence over one sinner who repents (Luke 15:1-10).