Let the children come to me…..  Just this morning I heard a segment on how old is too old for a child to have a pacifier? The answer the celebrity gave to the critic who judged him for still allowing his 4 yr old to use a pacifier got me thinking about the ways in which we pacify ourselves when we are upset. I think many of us would agree that a tub of ice cream or a massive shopping spree isn’t the healthiest way to calm ourselves down. We know that these methods are only temporary and they certainly don’t solve any problems. Nevertheless we reach for them anyway. How long does it take us before we stop reaching for the temporary fix and learn to first seek out the eternal comfort of God’ grace, mercy and love?

Full Circle

receive the kingdom of God as a little child… If you can even remember what it’s like to be a child, what it’s like to be enamored by the simplest things, what it’s like to marvel at laughter or experience a sense of freedom not bound to the physical world but rather to its dreams and possibilities.  You look at things with a healthy curiosity not burdened by judgment but rather excitement of discovery. Your ears hear things, some of which you probably shouldn’t be listening to but you listen anyway just because and you keep for another day. So that when your mouth speaks of things that are far wiser than your years, others have no choice but to listen. Then you know you’ve come full circle in this life, now as a child, living unto God. For it is such as these that the kingdom belongs. Mark 10:1-16.

Let The Children Come

“… for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.” Mark 10:1-16  The earliest gift I remember receiving as a child was a green bicycle for Christmas. Although it came with training wheels on it, that following summer my father took my sister and I to the parking lot of a neighborhood school, removed the training wheels and taught us to ride a two-wheeler! I was 4 years old. As I think back on it the true gift was the look on my dad’s face. He had a tremendous smile as I rode all around that lot. I think the Kingdom of God is full of images just like that one. Let us not deny the Father every opportunity to smile.