All Things As Gain

…what must I do…?  As a young girl I had the opportunity to meet a Maya Angelou. I remember asking her a similar question as to what I should do about some aspect of my life. Her answer was a simple one – read. Although I smiled and said okay, deep within me I was both perplexed and disappointed with her answer. I was a good reader but hated the time it took to read! As far as I was concerned it was a chore, a necessary evil towards getting good grades. Looking back, I think my problem was that at the time I really didn’t know what it was I wanted out of life. Most things came fairly easy for me and I was looking for another easy thing to do. I underestimated life to the extent that I believed everything should be easy not realizing the time and effort necessary to reach certain goals. I certainly didn’t comprehend the concept of sometimes doing things you simply don’t like to do. A lesson I would learn in time, from the simple and mundane to the complex and intricate, I now consider all things as gain. Gracious God sometimes we hear but do not listen. Yet, you in your patience, mercy and love continue to speak and eventually we come to the place you always intended us to be.

Making Room For Faith

“You lack one thing … sell what you own and give the money to the poor.” Mark 10:17-31  You never know how attached you are to something until someone asks you to give it up. But to give something up means you now have room in your heart for something else. The rich man in the passage asked for eternal life but he didn’t realize that eternal life didn’t need his treasured possessions only his faith. Jesus encourages us, to not be found lacking! Make room for faith and have treasure in heaven.