Every Drama Is Not Our Storm

…do you not care…?  I remember a time in middle school when I jumped in some girl’s face expecting her to go toe to toe with me over some issue that I can’t recall. What I do remember is her turning her back on me and walking away. It was the perfect opportunity for me to make a bigger fool of myself which is exactly what I did. I also remember that when she walked away, my anger about the situation quickly turned to embarrassment. I was 12 at the time doing what I thought I was suppose to do. Today, when I think about it, given my size it’s hysterically funny. To my benefit, she walked away choosing not to be drawn into my drama. There are storms that rise in our lives without much provoking. Often they have very little to do with us, and what do we do? We create more storm! We alert other people to the situation, sometimes hysterically and when we don’t get the response we’re looking for we think nothing is being done. Leaning on the presence of God requires that we trust, that our faith in God’s Love for us is greater than other people’s dramatic hysterics (OPD), and more importantly greater than our own fears.

Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord. Psalm 31:24  Be still and know that I am God! Psalm 46:10

Lent Day 15

Questioning God

…Teacher, do you not care… One of the painful things for a parent to hear from a child  is to be accused of not caring. Often it surrounds something quite simple such as a pair of sneakers or item of clothing they need in order to safely move through the “in crowd.” For them it is truly a life and death situation.  You know that it is anything but that. Our job is to stand by them and support them to make sure they get through unscathed, all the while working hard to convince them that they are the “in-crowd”; the leaders of choosing for themselves and not based on others. Before you know it your child has reached the other side that is adulthood realizing how much you really did care. Jesus was right there with the disciples in the boat, when the windstorm rose up and they questioned his concern for their life. After having been with him all this time and seeing his works of love it must have hurt. Yet like a mother to a child he didn’t turn his back, he just simply calmed the storm as they safely reached the other side. So too, the disciples would soon realize just how much God really does care.