…they took up twelve baskets full of broken pieces…  When ever my mother-in-law had an event at her home she always had far more food than any number of invited guests could have eaten. Although I can’t be certain as to whether there was a method to her madness, from my first experience it was pretty clear that invited family and friends weren’t the only ones being fed. Living in the city, anyone who knew her could have stopped pass the house and left with a plate of food; sometimes two or more. Still, at the end of the day, there was always something left over. So too at the end of the day, the Holy Sprit is never exhausted. Its everlasting presence is an open invitation to those desiring to be fed. Thank you Lord, for even fragments of the Holy is more than enough to satisfy a hungry heart for God.

Lent Day 20

Navigating the Wilderness

…like sheep without a shepherd…  Mark 6:30-46  From my own experience, children go through a phase where they will follow you everywhere, including the bathroom. They want to know where you are and what you’re doing at every moment. It’s a time in which rest for the weary isn’t always an option. Looking back, knowing that one day they would be responsible for navigating there own way, those are times I am ever grateful to have had with my own little sheep. After having taught the crowd, the disciples were eager for Jesus to send them on their way. Though weary, Jesus, in his compassion knew that he couldn’t let them go without having fed them in body and spirit that they may be fully strengthened for the journey, as they were in a deserted place. Surely the time would come when they too would have to navigate their own journey in this wilderness and in both faith and hope, it will be times such as these they will remember as they see their way through.